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Dr. Jason Fung is a Canadian doctor who was born somewhere in 1973 in Toronto, Canada. As of now, he is a nephrologist and a diet expert who has gained the trust of thousands of people worldwide. Moreover, he is also an author of his best-selling books that have transformed the lives of many.

Being the founder of The Fasting Method that provides training with evidence on weight loss and maintaining blood sugars, Dr. Fung has inspired thousands of people to change the way they live. Similarly, he is also one of the best-selling authors.

Dr. Jason Fung Wikipedia

Jason grew up in the bustling city of Toronto, Canada, and completed most of his studies there only. Soon after completing his high school at the University of Toronto Schools, Dr. Fung decided to pursue Biochemistry at the University of Toronto.

In fact, he belonged to the class of 1999. Finally, he obtained his Doctor of Medicine degree at the same university as well. Not only that, but Dr. Jason also moved to Los Angeles for further training to become a nephrologist.

While he was starting his career as a kidney specialist, he realized that Type 2 diabetes is by far one of the leading causes of kidney damage. By the early 2010s, he picked up an interest in nutrition and identified key ways to prevent diabetes and increase fat loss.

If there is one thing that has been causing a global problem, it is obesity. People try to apply every conventional method, diet chart, exercise, etc., to try and cut those fats.

Apart from one’s own lack of consistency, seldom do those techniques work for them. However, doctors like Dr. Jason Fung rely on functional medicines rather than conventional methods to treat such health concerns.


One of the reasons why Dr. Fung is popular stems from his highly effective books. He is the author of texts like The Obesity Code, The Complete Guide to Fasting, and The Diabetes Code. The methods he describes in his books have worked like magic to countless people. In addition, a good number of renowned doctors have thanked Fung for his weight-cutting methods.

Image of nephrologist, Dr. Jason Fung's book
The world-renowned doctor, Dr. Jason Fung, has poured some useful advice on books like The Cancer Code, The Obesity Code, The Complete Guide to Fasting, and The Diabetes Code.

Moreover, his innovative and effective knowledge of diabetes and obesity has helped him become a credible columnist. He works as the scientific editor of the Journal of Insulin Resistance and the managing director of Public Health Collaboration in Canada.

Dr. Jason Fung Wife

Fans know that Jason is married to a fellow Canadian, Sandra Fung. By the looks of it, she prefers to stay away from the media’s attention. Moreover, she is not available on any of the social media platforms either. Furthermore, she is not even friends with her husband on Facebook.

Regardless, we get to see her now and then on her husband’s social media. Most recently, she appeared alongside her husband for a charity event in Tommy Thompson Park. Nonetheless, at the present moment, Sandra is busy supporting Dr. Fung and raising her children.

Besides this, Sandra also helps her husband proofread his books. Similarly, both Dr. Jason Fung and his wife attended the Toronto International Film Festival, where Sandra also met Jay Leno.

Image of doctor, Dr. Jason Fung and his wife, Sandra
A Canadian doctor, Dr. Jason Fung, with his beloved wife, Sandra Fung


Presently, Dr. Fung shares two children with his better half. These are Matthew and Jonathan. Their eldest son is Jonathan is currently in high school.

Image of nephrologist, Dr. Jason Fung with his son
The diet expert as well as a nephrologist, Dr. Jason Fung, with his two sons, Matthew and Jonathan

Dr. Jason Fung Fasting

We know that Dr. Fung is not only a kidney specialist. As a matter of fact, he is also committed to helping people lose fat through the help of functional medicine. For Jason, the ultimate goal is to eliminate the root cause of obesity.

This can be done by implementing proper diets or undergoing intermittent fasting. The latter is the more popular choice for many overweight people.

Results show that when one performs intermittent fasting properly, they can expect a significant loss in weight of anywhere between 2 to 6 kgs a month. This also helps to increase energy levels and brain function.

He also explains in detail that blood sugar rises whenever there is insulin resistance from the body. Hence, people suffering from insulin resistance can apply the technique of intermittent fasting. Within 24 hours, one can fast for 16 hours whereas limiting the eating time to 8 hours.

This not only helps to keep blood glucose in check, but it also does wonders when it comes to losing weight. Restricting the eating hours means less consumption of calories and a more lean body. Dr. Fung often collaborates with groups such as Team Diet Doctor to make it simple for people to understand and implement intermittent fasting. This will help improve their health.

Also, he provides coaching, training, meal planning, etc., on fasting through The Fasting Method. Monthly plans cost about $39 a month.

Wiki Facts

Name Dr. Jason Fung
Date of birth 1973
Place of birth Toronto, Canada
Age 48
Gender Male
Height 5 feet 6 inch
Weight 62 kg
Ethnicity Chinese
Nationality Canadian
Marital Status Married
Wife Sandra Fung
Children Mathew and Jonathan
Profession Fasting expert, Nephrologist, YouTuber, Author
Net Worth $1.2 million
Social media Instagram

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