Mia Lux Dr. Mark Hyman’s wife and their kids

Image of renowned physician, Dr. Mark Hyman and his wife,

Mia Lux is famous for being Dr. Mark Hyman’s wife. Hyman is an American physician who is best known for his unconventional way of healing oneself, otherwise known as through functional medicine. Though it is a controversial form of alternative medicine that lacks scientific support, many of his followers admire his methods. As a matter … Read more

Dr. Miami Wife Eva Zafira Zion and Kids

Image of plastic surgeron, Dr. Michael Alexander Salzhauer

Dr. Michael Alexander Salzhauer is best known by everyone as Dr. Miami. He is also a prominent figure who has worked on numerous TV shows. Other than that, Dr. Miami would even record his own surgeries, which most people find intriguing. The one thing that people care about the most is their physical appearance. Surely, … Read more

Patsy Bowman (Dr. Sebi’s Wife) Wiki Bio

Image of a herbalist and businesswoman, Patsy Bowman and her famous husband, Dr. Sebi

Patsy Bowman is a herbalist and businesswoman who is famous for being the wife of Dr. Sebi. He was a witch doctor, biologist, and herbalist who practiced in both Honduras and America. Patsy and her husband’s relationship worked on a professional level as well. She watched him work for well over two decades. After Dr. … Read more

Dr. Oz’s wife Lisa Oz’ Age, Wiki, Facts

Image of a television personality and writer, Lisa Oz

Lisa Oz is a television personality and writer who made her name on the American television show ‘Dr. Oz.’ Moreover, she has also appeared on other popular daytime shows, allowing her to work with legendary TV hosts like Oprah Winfrey. Lisa also enjoyed a prolonged stint in Hollywood between the mid-70s and mid-90s. She’d appear … Read more

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