Mia Lux Dr. Mark Hyman’s wife and their kids

Mia Lux is famous for being Dr. Mark Hyman’s wife. Hyman is an American physician who is best known for his unconventional way of healing oneself, otherwise known as through functional medicine. Though it is a controversial form of alternative medicine that lacks scientific support, many of his followers admire his methods. As a matter of fact, he has a million followers from all around the world.

Dr. Mark Hyman’s Wife

Regardless of what others may think of his style of treatment, Dr. Mark is a polarizing figure nonetheless.

Similarly, he is living a happy life with his beautiful wife, Mia Lux. Dr. Mark is not the only celebrity in the house as his wife is a show host as well as a recognized comedian herself.

She was born in March 1987 in America. Mia also used to be a lawyer at some point. In fact, she is a graduate with a law degree from the University of Auckland. However, for over 5 years, she has dedicated herself to doing stand-up comedies as well as becoming an international host.

Her fans are well aware that Mia is the creator and host of The Conscious-ish Show. It first aired back in 2019. Being in front of a crowd and entertaining them is what Mia knows best.

But at the same time, she focuses on things that impact our wellness and personal development which truly intrigues the audience.

Joined by some of the famous personalities such as her husband, the show generally gets a huge number of views as well. Moreover, she is a YouTube as well who is slowly getting fame and recognition.

Image of doctor Mark Hyman's wife
World-known physician, Dr. Mark Hyman’s beautiful wife, Mia Lux

Married Life

Though neither Mia nor her husband is fond of sharing their married life in detail with the public, we do get to see the couple on their social media.

It is safe to say that the couple is happy in their relationship. The exact date of their marriage and the whereabouts of their initial meetings still remains a mystery.

Image of America physician, Dr. Mark Hyman and wife
American physician, Dr. Mark Hyman with his wife, Mia Lux


As of now, Mia, who is 33-years-old, does not have a child of her own. However, she is the stepmother of her husband’s daughter from his previous marriage.

Mia Lux is Dr. Mark’s second wife and also the stepmother of Rachel Hyman. Rachel is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree at the Utah State University.

Currently, she is working on her research under the supervision of her mentor Dr. Jessica Lucero. Just like her father, Rachel is also involved in the health sector.

Despite being a stepdaughter, she gets all the love from Mia. As for her father, she is his darling. The father and daughter were recently spotted spending time together at a beach.

Image of physician, Dr. Mark Hyman with his daughter
A renowned American physician, Dr. Mark Hyman with his daughter, Rachel Hyman

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