Who is Dr. Rachel Levine’s Wife? Her Wikipedia Bio.

Dr. Rachel Levine is a qualified American physician who has astounding credentials under her name. She is one of the key figures in the field of pediatrics. Additionally, she also endeavors to treat youngsters with dietary issues.

Rachel was born on the 28th of October 1957 and is currently 63-year-old. Moreover, she is a graduate of both Harvard and Tulane University. She’d get her M.D while attending the latter.

Likewise, she completed a residency in pediatrics and a fellowship in adolescent medicine at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Manhattan, New York. At Mount Sinai, she was the chief resident of the children’s hospital.

Who is Dr. Rachel Levine?

Doctors are one of the precious people on Earth as they are the ones who work day and night to serve the patients. While doctors usually work in hospitals and are rarely known to the people, Dr. Rachel Levine is such a doctor who is well-known to the general public ever since President Joe Biden formally nominated Levine to be Assistant Secretary for Health.

Born in Wakefield, Massachusetts, she was raised by a Jewish family. Originally, she was a male who later transitioned into a woman. She is one of those brave people who are not afraid to hide their identity. Because of this, she had to go through the criticisms from society. Despite being different, Rachel ended up having an illustrious career and is an inspiration to many.

Is Dr. Rachel Levine Married to his wife?

Before transitioning into a woman, Dr. Rachel was a full-fledged man and loved a woman as a typical man would. Although her marriage details are still under wraps, reports claim that Dr. Rachel married a woman named Martha Peaslee a long time ago.

Just like Dr. Rachel, Martha Peaslee also had interests in pediatrics and psychology. While she did not pursue Dr. Rachel’s profession in healthcare, she became an associate professor of pediatrics, psychiatry, and humanities in Pennsylvania.

Moreover, she is also the Intensive Outpatient and Partial Hospitalization Eating Disorder Programs director at the medical center.

At a glance, it may seem as though Martha Peaslee was a perfect match for Dr. Rachel. Both shared common interests, but this was not enough to keep their marriage afloat.

Image of pediatrics and physician, Dr. Rachel Levine and her ex-wife
An American pediatrician, Dr. Rachel Levine, with her ex-wife, Martha Peaslee

Although the details regarding their divorce have not been revealed yet, the couple decided to part ways in 2013. Perhaps the reason for their divorce does not need any further explanation.

Obviously, Dr. Rachel wanted to transition into a woman. Martha might not have been fond of this news, which led to her leaving Dr. Rachel in 2013. So far, the former couple shares two children, David and Dayna. Dayna Levine is also a medical doctor who has MD in radiology.

Dr. Rachel Levine Before the transition

Up till 2001, Dr. Rachel was a man who had lots of questions about her true self. She was having trouble with her gender as she felt like she was a woman trapped inside a man’s body.

With such an unusual feeling, Dr. Rachel started seeing a therapist from then on. Not only that but she began to act, talk, and behave like a woman as well. By 2008, Dr. Rachel started to grow out her hair as long as a woman’s.

Furthermore, she took voice lessons to sound more like a woman as well. Though she has the audacity to walk in the streets as a man turned into a woman, she refuses to discuss whether she took hormones or had surgery because she calls it a private medical matter.

Nonetheless, by 2011, Dr. Rachel was fully ready to announce herself as a transgender woman publicly. Dr. Levine also appeared at a conference for transgender people in Swatara Township, Pennsylvania.

This was back in March 2015, as she shared her story. She spoke of her desire to be a woman, saying that she knew she wanted to be a girl since childhood. But she was unsure about the decision. Likewise, to keep her mind away from such matters, she threw herself into schoolwork and then her career to compartmentalize troubling feelings about her gender.

Finally, Dr. Rachel accepted who she was as she decided not to live in the world with doubts and fears anymore.

Family (parents, siblings, everyone)

Dr. Rachel Levine belongs to a Jewish family. However, there is not much information regarding her family members. Nonetheless, we know that she was raised by her parents and grew up with her sister.

Nonetheless, her mother is Lillian Levine. On the 13th of May 2020, when the Covid 19 pandemic struck the world, Dr. Rachel revealed that she recently moved her 95-year-old mother out of a personal care home due to fear of the virus.

Net Worth

Being an outstanding doctor as well as one of the very few transgender public officials in America, Dr. Rachel has been able to garner a significant amount of wealth and popularity. According to numerous reports, Dr. Rachel Levine’s net worth is $2 million.

Initially, she made money by working as a pediatrics and physician. Currently, she serves as Pennsylvania’s secretary of the Department of Health and has founded the Division of Adolescent Medicine and Eating Disorders at Penn State Children’s Hospital at Milton S. Hershey Medical Center.

Wiki Facts

Real Name/Full Name Rachel Leland Levine
Date of birth October 28, 1957
Place of birth Wakefield, Massachusetts
Age 63 years old
Weight Not available
Height 5 feet 6 inch
Religion Not available
Nationality Jewish American
Ethnicity White
Gender Transgender
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Divorced
Ex-Spouse Martha Peaslee
Children David and Dayna
Profession Pediatrics, physician, Assistant Secretary for Health
Net worth $2 million
Social media Not available

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