Dr. Pimple Popper “Sandra Lee” Net Worth

Image of renowned doctor, Sandra Lee

Sandra Lee is a dermatologist, businesswoman, and television personality from Upland, California. Her persona, ‘Dr. Pimple Popper is what propelled her to fame over the years. She’d go on to launch a YouTube channel that today, has 6.9 million subscribers. She launched the channel more than a decade ago, and it is fair to say … Read more

Dr. Sebi Sea Moss Benefits and Facts.

Image of a Honduran self-proclaimed herbalist and healer, Dr. Sebi

Sea moss is a red species of algae that can be found along the Atlantic’s rocky regions. This particular area lies somewhere in Europe and North America. Much like algae and other sea-weeds, this particular plant has become a delicacy of sorts. Consequently, it has gained much recognition over the past few years. What was … Read more

Dr. Joe Dispenza Wikipedia: Wife, Net Worth, Quotes.

Photo of scientist and author, Dr. Joe Dispenza.

It is unpredictable how certain events in life can alter a person’s livelihood for better or worst, especially when it happens to curious people like Joe Dispenza, who wish to survey those situations meticulously. Joe Dispenza is a world-renowned teacher, researcher, consultant, and scientist who specializes in helping people make life-changing alterations to their lives … Read more

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